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Why Wiki?


Getting Started

Take a survey.


Each page on the wikispace has its own Discussion tab.
  1. Think about a current project. How could it be more collaborative? Think about a project you might have previously never considered.
  2. Read through the Ways to Wiki, Best Educational Wikis, 10 Ways to Use a Wiki, and/or 50 Ways to Use Wikis. Think about your curriculum content. Click Discussion and Create a New Post explaining which item you read that sounded like a good fit for your classroom. If you were not able to find an exact match, post an idea you are thinking about. Solicit feedback from others.

Student Accounts

All South Western students (Grades 3-12) will have wikispaces created for them. Their username and password will match their network login. In order to edit pages on the wiki, students must Join the Wiki. Depending on the grade level, the teacher may prefer to do this step in advance.

Logging In - Students log in with their Novell username and password.
Joining Wiki - Students must be members of the wiki and be signed in to make edits.
New Pages - Use 2 square brackets around a new page title to create a new page and have it be a link at the same time.

Sandbox Page

A sandbox page is a blank page that students use to practice editing. Click here for some tips about the toolbar.


  • Only allow one student to edit a page at a time. Multiple editors can be editing different pages, just not the same page.
  • Use 2 square brackets around toc to create the table of contents. Use the Normal drop down to apply heading styles to make text appear in the table of contents.
  • Use 2 square brackets around a new page title to create a new page and have it be a link at the same time.
  • The navigation page contains a Page List widget. This displays all pages in the navigation in alphabetical order. To change this, click Edit Navigation and delete the PageList widget. Type the name of the pages and link each one to the existing page. This way you can have 'hidden pages' on the wikispace.

Suggested Uses

Group Projects

Students work together to create their own wiki on a given topic. (Example: Revolutionary War)
Civil War Project | Book Talks | Civil War | Literature | Geography

Global Projects

Write Your Story | Monster Project | Comparing Hemispheres | Time Zone Experiences

Personal Interest

Students create a wiki out of personal interest and to build a community. (Example: )

Community Service

Your class or a group of classes could use a wiki to organize and publicize a community project. A wiki is a great way to get students involved and creates a community of users around a project. (Example: )

Class Resources

Share digital files and online resources with students or a group of students. (Example: Traci Blazosky)


A wiki page or set of pages is a great way for students to compile work over a project, a marking period, semester or school year. In addition to posting projects, students can include learning reflections. (Example: HS Computer Class )


RSS feeds from other sites can easily be 'fed' into Wikispace pages. (Example: RSS 4 SSR)


The History tab will show all the changes made to that page. The History shows the username of editor and can be clicked to see the changes from that edit. This tab gives the chance to Revert to a previous version. This is very helpful when students 'lose' work.


  • Public Everyone, including anonymous visitors, can view and edit pages. Allow message posts from non-members.
  • Protected Everyone can view pages, but only members of this wiki can edit pages. Allow message posts from non-members.
  • Private Only members of this wiki can view and edit pages.
  • Custom Define custom permissions


Teachers can be notified by RSS or by email when changes are made.

Wiki Ideas

Wiki Examples

http://pwoessner.wikispaces.com/Wikis+in+the+Classroom (Scroll Down)


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