Here are the audio/notes from this presentation via Livescribe at Pete&C 2010:

What is a wiki?

How can I get a wiki?

Wikispaces- free for K-12 Educators
PBWorks- free education account
Wetpaint- free education account

Where can I get ideas for what to do with my wiki?

Wikis in Education

Example Wikis:
Kindergarten Wiki
First Grade Wiki
Second Grade Wiki
Third Grade Wiki
Fourth Grade Wiki
Fifth Grade Wiki
Middle School Wikis
Wiki w/ Various Wiki Examples

Getting Started

Alma's Wiki Help Sheet

How do I embelish my wiki?

Glogs are a great way to add personality and flair to your wiki.

Glogster - Use the edu site and then you can create accounts for students as well.
How To
Wiki w/ many tutorials
How to create student accounts and direction sheet for students/teachers here.
Logos from Spell with Flickr
Logos from Supalogo

Use PowerPoint to create slides, save as jpg and embed within the wiki.

How to

Wordles grab the visitors' attention and give them a snapshot about you. (You will need to take a screenshot of the wordle and save as a jpg in order to embed on the wiki. This can be done by pressing the "Print Screen" button and pasting into a photo editor such as Irfanview or PowerPoint.)

Hex Colors
Sample of use w/ students

Here is an easier kid-friendly version w/ a save button (no need to screen capture and save in another program like Wordle).

Word Cloud

Spell with Flickr allows you to add a personalized banner.

Spell with Flickr
How To

Add slideshow presentations with GoogleDocs

How To- Copy the embed code from GoogleDocs. Click on the "Widget" button on the Editor toolbar, select "Other HTML" and paste the embed code.

How can I add widgets to my wiki?

Widgetbox- variety of customizable widgets (countdowns, weather, visitor count, etc.)
Widgets for Free
Feedjit- free live traffic feed
ClustrMaps- free traffic maps
Website Counters
Weather Pixie

How can I incorporate instructional technology with my students and my wiki?

Voicethread How To
Animoto How To
Blabberize How To Sample
Embed voicethreads, animotos, vokis and blabbers directly into your wiki or use a screen capture program (such as Camstudio or Jing ) to record and embed into your glog. Go here for a tutorial.
Xtranormal A more advanced avatar movie site.
Photostory How To
Flickr How To
Doink - Create web-based animations
Scratch - Another animation site How To

Still want more ideas? Feeling courageous enough to edit some code? Try Getting Tricky with Wikis

Legal Issues

Remember to not post student names and pictures together.

Contact Information

*A big "Thank you!" to Traci Blazosky for many of the tutorials and wiki ideas!